The Doctor’s Visit

This may be my first attempt at writing what could be called fan-fiction. I doubt I’ll do more (it’s just not my thing), but here ya go:


The Doctor’s Visit

         I was standing in my backyard when the sound came. I dropped my empty coffee mug at the eerie VWOP, VWOP, VWOPVWOP! I turned to see a blue police box sitting beside the dogwood. A police box that I can assure was not there when I passed the tree only moments before. Before I could run, the door opened, and a black leather jacket-clad man poked his head out.
         “Where are we?” he asked, and I noticed a British accent.
         “What country?”
         “United States.”
         “When? When are we?”
         “Uh, 2014.”
         “Fantastic!” he said, with a huge grin. He opened the door wider. I could see a huge room behind him, even though you won’t believe it.
         “It’s a time machine,” he said, and I didn’t doubt him for one moment. “When do you want to go?”
         I thought long and hard, but remembering my two cups of coffee, I said, “Nothing pre-toilet paper.”


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